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Best Biking Trails in Bend

Over 200 miles of singletrack, gravel, and road riding in the Bend region

Mountain bikers can explore an extensive network of trails that range from beginner-friendly paths to downhill runs and jump lines, with iconic spots like Phil’s Trails and Mt Bachelor Bike Park.

Road bikers can indulge in scenic routes that meander through the region’s stunning forests, alongside tranquil rivers, and past towering mountain peaks, providing both challenging climbs and exhilarating descents.

For those seeking adventure off the beaten path, gravel biking trails wind through the picturesque high desert landscapes, providing a thrilling experience amidst rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery.

Dirt Jumping | The Lair

The Lair is a progressive jump park nestled in the Phil’s trail system that is free and open to everyone.  There is a beginner jump line, intermediate, advanced, and “you better be a pro” sized jump line.  Quality jumps, well maintained by the volunteers, and a grom magnet.  Get some!

Bike Park | Mt Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor Bike Park is chunky, dry, loose…you’re on a retired volcano!  They offer some very technical descents including the double black RockFall.  There is flow, perhaps the most famous trail in Oregon, Redline is a professionally built jump line that offers endless tables, big bermed corners, and lots of smiles.

Epic MTB Rides

Northfork / Metwin / Flagine / Southfork Loop

Amazing high alpine loop that includes a climb with endless waterfalls, old growth forest XC singletrack, and a loooong descent on not so steep but fun raw technical terrain.  (Flagline trail isn’t open until Aug 16 each year)

Funner / Tiddlywinks Loop

Tiddlywinks remains a locals favorite as the trail has a little bit of everything.  Big bermed corners, technical rock chunk, a lot of flow, tabletops, and one decent size double.  The Funner trail is used as a connector to make the loop and is pretty flat but enjoyable.

Tour Bend by Bike

Tour de Bend Bakeries, Beans, & Brews

“Laid back yet challenging. See the best of each of the Bend neighborhoods and get a couple sneaky climbs in to keep it from being too much of a cruiser. Most of this stays off of roads, but the roads included have bike lanes.”

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