2017 Transition Rapture

Anything that involves beer drinking, cow bells and, turning yourself inside out in the worst condition imaginable, we fully support. After several years racing the classic PNW races, we’ve taken a few things learned out there in the mud to develop our own race bred shredding machine called the Rapture. We believe that “steel is real” and in “one ring, suffer-ring.” but if you’re into more gears we’ve got you covered too. Our custom FAST (Freedom Axle System Technology) dropout allows for singlespeed or geared builds. The system also allows for quick singlespeed wheel changes on race day which eliminates the need for a pit bike. Other features include a 44mm tapered fork compatible headtube and clean internal cable routing. We’ll leave the choice to wear a skin-suit or crazy costume up to you, but when it comes to getting from point A to B over mixed terrain as fast as possible, we’ve proven with multiple wins that the Rapture is a force to be reckoned with.

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Cool Mint Matte

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10am - 6pm Monday - Saturday
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